On November 7th, 2020, Atlas held it’s bimonthly State of the Server where the Elders tell us what they are doing in terms of Atlas, and the plans for the future.

My version of this will be really dumbed down and quick. For a more in depth perspective, refer to WizardTeepot’s much more detailed notes.

First off, we’ll start with the saddest news this State of the Server had to offer. The Elders announced that they would be entering a Dev Period, taking advantage of the dry spell Atlas has been having. There is no estimated time for how long this Dev Period will last. The map will be reset, along with nations and their towns. Inventories and resources will be zapped. However, for a cost, builds can be saved and brought over, following specific guidelines. 

By relaunch, Atlas will have added and improved upon these features:

 – 1.16.4 Update

 – The release of the Nether 

 – Reworks to skills to make them skill based and more rewarding 

 – Combat reworks to encourage divergent playstyles (Mages use mage armor, Archers use archer armor, etc)

 – The Trials, the endless late game dungeon

 – Diplomacy War Retribution System

 – The Atheran Council to make Leaderboard placement matter

 – Religions

 – Achievements

 – Event Islands

Sounds fun! Sad to see it go, but even more excited for what’s to come.

During this Dev Period, the Elders will not be shutting out its community. It will be open occasionally for playtests and they will be giving us updates through Dev Logs. Atlas will also be having gamenights, so that the community stays together. 

I will drop a FAQ for reset related questions, for players to refer to:

  • [Reset] Are we going to lose all of our items in the restart?
    • Yes, unfortunately
    • Even builds with chests in them will be empty, and precious blocks (diamonds, ect) will be going away
    • We might allow people to bring over some mementos
  • [Reset] Will there be a time limit to reclaiming the builds after restart like if we come back 6months after restart will we still be able to reclaim?
    • Currently the plan is to allow people to do it literally whenever
  • [Reset] how long will the dev period be, aka when will we be able to play again
    • To be entirely honest, we don’t have a date just yet. Once we can see how quickly we are working on getting all of our stuff done, we can start figuring out a relaunch date. We will announce this date a few months ahead of time. They usually aren’t more than 6 months
  • [Reset] what about builds with lots of entities in them?
    •  Paintings/item frames should be able to be transferred over, but it’s a bit harder than you think. We will certainly try our best, but we cannot guarantee it
  • [Reset] will quests also be reset?
    • Yes, they will; however, there will be lots of additions to the quest trees
  • [Reset] what will happen to nations, and coffers of said nations?
    •  These will dissolve as well

It has been announced that Mementos will be saved. They must be single items and stored in the 9 personal stash slots. Players can also max their banks for 1,000 gems and to start off. All valuable blocks used in builds will be replaced with similar but inexpensive material.

This State of the Server was a breath of fresh air after all of the revolutions on Atlas. We got insight into what the Elders were doing, and it seems that popular consensus is excited for the future. I know I can’t wait to start playing already.

If you still have some questions, join the Atlas discord and feel free to ask in public, or personally message one of the Elders.



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