LittleTengu, the founder of the Nation of Dirte and it’s single town Khobbel described his own town as “the town filled with many wacky things.”

I believe this is the best way to describe it. Khobbel is an organized mess, but it works very well and molds together smoothly. I think that Khobbel is very representative of the man behind it, Tengu, a man just as wacky as his town.

When I walked into Khobbel for the first time, I understood what he meant instantly. It is very original and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a town with so much personality. It is something very unique.

That’s why I’ll be sad to see it go. There is so much substance and depth in Khobbel. But Tengu has plans to build something that is even more uniquely him.


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