The first of the anticipated Developer Logs on upcoming Atlas features is finally here! Devlogs are updates posted on the first Saturday of every month by the Elders regarding the development process of Atlas. This article serves as a quick and more easily digestible version of the forum post. If you want a more detailed perspective on the Atlas devlogs, refer to the original forum post here. We also include exclusive Q&A’s for questions that we at ATLAST had for the Elders, and hopefully it will provide clarity for any other players.


A new dungeon

Mobs & Bosses

  • By the time Atlas is back up, there will be twice the number of dungeons (8 dungeons).
  • Mobs will have new abilities and become a united force when trying to kill you. Their abilities will not only impact the player, but also each other.
  • New mechanics will require players to come up with a more strategic and collaborative approach to completing them, rather than diving headfirst into a mass murder spree.
  • Boss encounters have been incorporated into dungeons, so rather than having a single big boss with several abilities, it could be a group of mobs with cohesive abilities.


  • Dungeons will no longer have guaranteed loot in static locations. Instead, rewards are almost exclusively from mob drops and are randomized from a loot table.
  • Boss encounters have the chance to drop rare and legendary items.
  • Each dungeon will still have specific loot that is exclusive to that dungeon.
  • Dungeon currency will be the only consistent earning from running dungeons and can be spent on a unique armor set.
  • Itemization will apply to dungeon rewards.

Q&A with Iyoforeayo

  1. How many new mobs will be in the new dungeons?
    • Lots! In addition to brand new mobs, nearly all of the old dungeon mobs will be getting reworked from the ground-up.
  2. How will the gem profits from dungeons compare to previous dungeons? Will dungeons still be profitable?
    • Dungeons will definitely still be profitable – though there will be a wider array of loot than simply gems and ores.
  3. Will dungeons still require a certain player count to enter?
    • To be determined
  4. Can you elaborate on teamwork aspect? What if other players DC? Will there be a reconnect or restart mechanic? Is there still a 3 lives system?
    • We’ll have a system in place that allows players who disconnect to rejoin their group within a certain time frame, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this one. As for number of lives, it is currently still 3-per-player (though this is of course subject to change.)
  5. In Qi Shen dungeon, the mob loot from the first room would fall in the lava and burn after killing the mob. Will all mob drops still be susceptible to being lost during the dungeon, or will there be a system in place to guarantee the loot gets to the player?
    • As of now there’s no system in place (since mob loot drops directly from the mob on death) but I’ll look into ways we can prevent that loot from getting destroyed.
  6. Will there still be a cost to enter and cooldown to run dungeons?
    • To be determined



  • The forge is getting a new design! Yay!
  • The new forge works similar to war camps and guard towers, in that they will auto-build themselves to save the player the hassle of building it. 
    • Additional quality of life changes are coming to the structures that autobuild like previews before placement.

New smeltery equipment


  • Smelting will no longer be boring. Gone are the days of hitting the clock against the furnace, hoping your stuff didn’t burn because you had forgotten about it while watching a YouTube video to pass the time!
  • Minigames will replace the idle waiting of the previous smeltery system.
  • Ajax described one minigame he has in mind: chimney clearing. It is a type-matching game that the player must complete before the forge explodes.

Chimney clearing minigame


  • No more /recipe for smelting! There is now a GUI to select a material to smelt.
  • Itemization will also be incorporated into smeltery.

Smelting GUI

Q&A with Ajaxan

  1. Can you only produce one ingot per smeltery or will there be a way to produce multiple at once?
    • Batch sizes for smeltery will affect outcome and also be a thing. Like for example you can make a large batch of 9 ingots at once to do less work overall but the chance to get masterwork ingots goes down significantly. You increase your chance of masterwork ingots by giving each one more attention.
    • We recognized that, with the old system, while there was a bunch of “hurry up and wait” going on  it also allowed players to produce more ingots at once by using multiple forges. This was intended and if you had to produce ingots one at a time without multitasking forges the old system wouldn’t work well. We don’t want the process to become insanely slow now that each forge requires more individual attention. So the idea is that forges can handle variable amounts of materials at once to produce larger batches. However the tradeoff here is that with each ingot getting less attention individually the chance of low quality outcomes goes up and the chance of high quality outcomes goes down. So it will be up to players to decide if they want to put large amounts of attention into each ingot to maximize the chance of acquiring Masterwork ingots or not.
  2. Will the smelteries require constant attention or will it be feasible to attend to multiple smelteries at once?
    • There is no reason you can’t attempt to monitor multiple forges at once. But of course, if you are paying less attention to each forge and miss a clogged chimney you could lose 2-3 forges from the explosion. And of course, just like with variable batch sizes, less attention is likely to decrease the quality of ingots you get due to reacting less quickly to condition changes within the forge. Like for example if the temperature starts to get too high or too low, you may not notice right away.
  3. Does this mean that forges could be destroyed in the process and that you would have to obtain new ones?
    • Yes
  4. I noticed that there is a fail chance. Is that the chance that production can fail even if you do everything correctly?
    • Good question! And the answer is, we haven’t fully decided yet. Some alloys are crafting from inherently “low quality” materials like gravel which you are, essentially, hoping contains enough copper to make an ingot. There is a chance it doesn’t and it may fail. Now in this case, you can use larger batch sizes to almost always get a result but of course the result will not be 1:1 with the input materials.
  5. To successfully produce masterwork ingots, is there an RNG factor, or is it solely based on your skill in the mini games. Or is there an actual leveling mechanic to improve at smeltery?
    • It’s both. We want Skill and Time to be the biggest factors. The skill factors will be all about mastering the minigames but also learning to read the “vague” signs forges give off that something is wrong. Everything from measuring smoke output, to color of particles to determine temperature. And yes there will be some RNG. How well you do will highly effect the chance of low/mid/high level outcomes however.
  6. Will we still have the lava bucket cooling mechanic with cauldrons?
    • Yup 🙂
  7. I noticed that smithing tables were in the screenshot with the forge. What function (if any) will they serve?
    • The final minigame is called the tempering minigame and that is what the smithing table is used for. (More details to come later on that one)

Resource Pack


  • Cartography is getting a revamp with the pack. This puts your location in the HUD instead of the tab player list, and the new HUD compass will point us to the direction we want to go.
  • The ability to share waypoints with other players. Gone are the days of reading out coordinates to your lost friends!


  • We are getting 5 new buttons. How exciting!
    1. Player Profile – Personal settings, cosmetics and coins.
    2. Action Menu – Most commonly used commands.
    3. Cartography Menu – Waypoint management
    4. Quest Journal – Track progress on quests
    5. Crafting Menu – 3×3 crafting table

Q&A with Tyrriel

  1. Will the new location name at the top show you the region that you are in when you are in the wilderness?
    • It will show the biome that you are currently in (i.e If you are in the Plains of An’Shea it will say something like Plains of An’Shea (Wilderness)
  2. Can you elaborate on what sharing waypoints with other players entails?
    • Basically you will be able to put a waypoint in chat (channel specific) [WaypointName] clicking on the bracketed WaypointName will add the waypoint to your compass if you don’t already have it
  3. Would you be able to toggle waypoints and have multiple who on the HUD at once in different programmable colors? If not, is this a feature that you can consider implementing?
    • The waypoint system currently works with a toggle, multiple on the HUD is not trivial to implement… Currently it’s on the “nice to have” not the “need to have” list


  • Items will be categorized into 4 different rarity types.
    • Common – Most vanilla Minecraft items.
    • Uncommon – Items gained from Atlas mechanics and basic quests.
    • Rare – Dungeon items and difficult quests.
    • Legendary – Items with higher power level and special abilities.

Q&A with Ajaxan

  1. Can you briefly explain the history of artifacts for players who are not familiar with them? How do they relate to the new legendary items?
    • Originally created to mimic the awesome power of artifacts in Ready Player 1 (Back when the book was still somewhat obscure) our artifacts had massively unique and powerful abilities with large cooldowns. They were all 100% unique (only 1 copy existed on Atlas) and could only be used by the player that was awarded them. They were awarded out in various events like tournaments but also a 1 off quest scavenger hunt that had nations all working together to  solve the puzzle. I still remember the one time a player was awarded for winning a tournament an instant kill dagger that broke on use. They didn’t believe us, turned, and murdered the second place player in the tournament. That was a good laugh.
    • They were discontinued for 2 main reasons:
      1. They were increasing the power level of the top nations since they always had a much higher chance of winning them
      2. They were hard to keep track of and find consistent ways to award them.
    • And now with legendary items we want to bring back some of those powerful activated abilities (perhaps slightly less powerful) but also solving the issue of only top nations having them and them being too hard to acquire in general.

Final Thoughts

As someone that used to run dungeons everyday, I’m excited to see more variety and I’m happy to see that it will become a new integral part of obtaining end game materials. The screenshot of the new dungeon looks absolutely gorgeous and I am eager to see what the new builds look like. I’m also looking forward to the mechanics that encourage teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, as someone who is cursed to have my teammates disconnect, leaving me alone in dungeons, I am very glad to hear that a rejoin feature is on its way.

Smeltery used to be a real sit-and-wait chore, and I think that the new mini games will be a nice change. Many players have had concerns about how latency will affect their final product, but the Elders have assured us that it has been taken into account and that most minigames will be “detail oriented and strategic thinking” instead.

I’m interested to see how these changes in dungeon rewards and smelting affect the player economy. In the past, many nations chose not to specialize and collect most materials themselves. However, there are many players that are not interested in grinding dungeons or mastering smeltery and would rather purchase the items they need. Thus, these changes could incentivize nations to specialize in certain products and reinvigorate the player economy.

The resource pack allows for the implementation of very creative GUIs. As a player who constantly gets lost and finds F3 difficult to process, the HUD compass is a very welcome change. The inclusion of the biome in the location name will be very helpful, especially for new players as they navigate through the vast world of Athera. Sharing waypoints is a huge quality-of-life feature that makes it easier to coordinate locations with other players. I will happily never type coordinates in chat again. Although it wasn’t discussed in this Devlog, the resource pack will opens the possibility of textures for custom Atlas items like wands and smeltery ingots (as seen in the screenshot of the inventory) and I am excited to see how the resource pack will be implemented in the future.

Itemization seems like such a relatively small change, but I think it is an important one to signify the value of items.

At ATLAST, we are very excited to see these features in the next version of Atlas.


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