Insula has decided that they will be dropping their town, Grimstone following the Atlas reset. A pioneer and wild west inspired town, it served as Takvori’s one-man town until his merge with Insula. Insula is a self-proclaimed meme nation who was founded by Riym9 and KillerPike. Soon after KillerPike left, Insula dropped Redmont, its previous capital and Grimstone filled the absent space.

Located in the Redfire Mesa, the wood based wild western theme seemed to fit in flawlessly, and Grimstone turned out to be a beautiful town. It had a selection of nicely designed town structures.

Lore wise, Grimstone also built a strong explanation for the inner workings of how it sustained itself. Power came from local geysers, powering trains and other machines. This town was known for mining riches, most notably emeralds. It was funded and built by the Whitescar company whose sole purpose was to mine these natural emeralds often found in the Redfire Mesa. Birds are the town’s official animal for their usefulness in the mining industry when it comes to alerting the miners of possible gas leaks. For a more in-depth look at the lore, refer to Takvori’s lore piece.

It will be sad to see Grimstone go, as it was such a gorgeous town, but I am certain that Takvori will be able to create something just as unique and stunning in the next era of Atlas.


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