In a few weeks, Atlas will reset and have a development period of undetermined length. We learned from the state of the server that builds can be transferred to the new map for a price. If you choose not to pay the recovery fee, you will lose your towns. Before the price was announced, Rivia decided that we would be dropping all of our towns including our beloved, Drakonfell-based capital of Polis.

So today I will share some history of our capital. While it was short lived, it will always hold a place in the heart of everyone in Rivia, especially those who helped to build it.

Polis initially started in Argentum. Greg and I were eager to have our own building project, and Eliot, the leader of Argentum, agreed that it would probably be for the best, considering some of the disagreements we had. When we had first joined Atlas, we visited Drakonfell. We fell in love with the location and wanted to live there when we realized that we knew nothing about the server. As a result, we decided to join Argentum to learn the ropes. There we became really close friends with Artemis, who is now our dear friend and co-leader. When Eliot gave us permission to make our own town, we returned to that location, and begged her to come with us.

Thus, Polis was born. It started off as a hole in the mountain, with a couple of auto smelters, chests, and my first ever horse, Joseph Stallion. We had rode some horses from Argentum to Polis, with the intention to make Polis the breeding place (to Artemis’ dismay). One of these horses was the fastest one in our collection and while leading it through the Drakon Sea, Greg had accidentally drowned it. I was devastated.

We were eager and had plenty of plans for our new town, so Greg, Artemis, and I wasted no time at all. We started to plan, building a castle bridge design in creative with the intention of making it come out of the cave walls, and having the actual interior castle inside. On the ground level we would have our actual town and buildings. When we were planning, we realized that this build would require a lot of digging. And there was no haste on the server. We purchased pickaxes from LoveArrow, and went to town. Together, Artemis, Greg, my friend Pievus, and I completed the digging out the area and building the bridge in one week. We collectively mined approximately 200 thousand stone.

Original Polis floorplan

Things seemed to be going smoothly, and we were sustaining ourselves financially by farming Dire Wolf pelts. We were progressing quickly and had finished building what we had planned in creative. So we wasted no time in drawing our castle floorplan, and started digging once again. But then, Polis hit its first roadblock. We were so overeager, that we had dug our way out of the mountain. The mountain seemed so massive to us that we had not considered the dimensions in our floor plans. There was no more stone to dig, and we definitely could not have a draft flowing through the castle. But we knew what we wanted, and we were willing to do whatever it took to have our dreams of Polis built on Atlas. I grabbed all of our cobblestone and reluctantly started planning out how I was going to build a mountain around the rest of the castle. I realized that it was going to be an incredible workload, and considered asking admins for help in terraforming, knowing that they would probably refuse. Fortunately, Artemis intervened and proposed that we ask Terryn because he had done minor terraforming for other nations in the past. I asked Terryn if he would be up for the job and if he wasn’t I willing to do it myself. Terryn was horrified, insulted, and disgusted that I would ever even consider building a mountain out of cobblestone, and so the Polis Mountain was constructed. After that, it was all smooth sailing again.

Outline of the mountain on the Dynmap

Terryn planning the shape of the mountain

It wasn’t long after that Artemis, Greg, and I made the decision to split from Argentum and found Rivia. There were several aspects that played into this decision, but the split was on good terms and we still owe a lot of thanks to Eliot. With us, we took Polis and some of our personal belongings. One thing I couldn’t part Argentum without, was my horses. And so, the Great Horse Rapture of Polis started. We were ready to walk all of the horses and Milkshake to Polis ourselves if that’s what it took. I had the mind to ask Terryn first just in case, while keeping in mind that he would likely decline. So the godly Terryn flew down graciously from the skies in a ray of sunshine. He put every single horse and Milkshake on leashes, and splashed them with slow falling. There were casualties to say the least, and Milkshake fell from the sky around the Dunsmoor Hills, and is still missing to this day. But you win some, you lose some.

From there, we just kept building. The next issue we ran into was the Dire Pelts erasure. The Dire Wolf Pelts were most of our income, so when Ajax got rid of them and we were penalized, we were essentially broke. So we ran dungeons, every single day. Throughout its life Rivia has maxed its coffers, accumulated 2 additional double chests of gem blocks, and hoarded over a hundred thousand gems worth in dungeon currency. We never had to hunt mythic mobs ever again.

Polis was a unifying force. The town brought us together and we have made many friends. When our first two recruits joined, they wanted to stay, and are still in Rivia to this day. Polis was the hangout spot for all of us. When we wanted to talk, we would just pace the storage room, or sit in the library. Polis was also home to our first ever community event, and it inspired all the ones that followed. The Polis Pool Party, held in celebration of Greg’s and my 69th day anniversary on the server will hold a dear place in my heart. It was before the release of grand feasts, and so impromptu, but it didn’t matter. The community was able to come together for a couple of hours and bond, and Polis was home to that. So many friendships were forged, and Polis will always be a part of all those memories. I won’t forget all of the trolling, the laughs, the good and the bad that Polis held.

The poster for the Polis Pool Party

Polis underwent a lot of revamps in its time. Being on Atlas, Greg and I had improved as builders drastically with the help of all of our new friends. Artemis liked to make fun of us for that, saying that Polis would never be complete and that we would never start another town because we were always improving and wanted to change things. Polis was our first ever large scale building project that we were building using only our skill, and it really inspired us to be better builders.

I will be the first to say that we are getting rid of Polis with a really heavy heart. We will really miss it. It might just be a couple of blocks in a pixel game, but it’s the memories and the happiness associated with it that I care about most. But we will make new memories, in a new place and always remember Polis and the good times it brought us.

Polis Cave

Polis Dining Hall

Polis Library

Polis Shard

Polis Council Room

Original Storage Room


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